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  • ANAV — Anopheles A virus …   Medical dictionary

  • ANAV — • Anopheles A virus …   Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations

  • ANAV, JUDAH BEN BENJAMIN HA-ROFE — (13th century), author, copyist, and paytan; member of the anau family of Rome. He was also known as Judah Ya aleh (initial letters of Yehudah Anav le Mishpaḥat ha Anavim, an allusion to Judg. 1:2). Of his personal life, little is known. He… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • ANAV, BENJAMIN BEN ABRAHAM — (c. 1215–c. 1295), Italian scholar and poet. Anav s teachers included the poet Meir b. Moses of Rome, and Joab, Daniel, and Isaac of Camerino. His main interest was in halakhah, but he had a thorough knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, and… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • ANAV, JEHIEL BEN JEKUTHIEL BEN BENJAMIN HA-ROFE — (second half of 13th century), author, copyist, and paytan; a member of the Anau family of Rome. Little is known of his life. He was the author of a significant work, first published at Constantinople (1512) under the title of Beit Middot and… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • ANAV, ZEDEKIAH BEN ABRAHAM — (13th century), Italian talmudist; author of the compendium, Shibbolei ha Leket ( The Gleaned Ears ), which can perhaps be considered the first attempt in Italy at the codification of Jewish law. Although Zedekiah s exact dates are unknown, he… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Anav, Benjamin ben Abraham — (c.1215 c 95)    Italian scholar and poet. His poetry is concerned with historical events. He also wrote treatises on Jewish law, notes on Rashi s biblical commentary, and a satire on rich Jewish families in Rome …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

  • Anav, Jehiel ben Jekuthiel — (fl. c 1250 1300)    Roman copyist and author. His Maalot ha Middot deals with ethical conduct and is based on midrashic and talmudic sources. The only complete, extant manuscript of the Jerusalem Talmud was copied by him in 1289. He also wrote a …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

  • Anav, Judah ben Benjamin — (fl. 13th cent)    Roman author. In 1280 he completed a treatise on the laws of ritual slaughter with special reference to Roman customs …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

  • Anav, Zedekiah — (fl. 13th cent)    Italian talmudist. His Shibbolei ha Leket contains ritual law and regulations …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

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